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This is an online repository for the "2nd Season" Fan Fiction Project.

This project was created by fans for fans of Roughnecks: Starship Troopers Chronicles.

If you aren't up to speed on how this project came about, please read the Roughnecks Vault F.A.Q.

The links below will take you to individual fanfic "Episodes" which chronicle the continuing adventures of Rico's Roughnecks. Browse and enjoy!

This project is dedicated in loving memory of Thomas Davis (known to his forum friends as Smoke).

Episode 200: First Encounters

Episode 201: Absent Friends

Episode 202: A Bell in the Night

Episode 203: Reunion

Episode 204: Dead Drop

Episode 205A: The Guide - Part 1

Episode 205B: The Guide - Part 2

Episode 206: New Enemies

Episode 207: Descent into Hell

Episode 208: Dead Run

Episode 209A: Out Of the Frying Pan - Part 1

Episode 209B: Out Of the Frying Pan - Part 2

Episode 210: The Stone Speaks

Episode 211: Last Chance Saloon

Episode 212: Atlantian Dreams

Episode 213: Jailer

Episode 214: Voices of the Dead

Episode 215: Breakthrough

Episode 216: Echoes of the Past

Episode 217: Strange Bedfellows

Episode 218: Into the Fire

Episode 219: Coronation

Episode 220A: A Wolf in the Fold - Part 1

Episode 220B: A Wolf in the Fold - Part 2

Episode 221: Silent Drop

Episode 222: The Meeting of Minds

Episode 223: A Friend in Need

Episode 224: Last Drop

Episode 225: Two Tombs

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