Son of Joxer and the Lair of the Kraken

© 2007 Joel A. Hoekstra


As the first man to have braved the Temple of Almost Certain Doom and survived to tell the tale, Son of Joxer is hailed by many as a hero when he finally returns to civilization. Still hoping to die a noble death, Joxer sets his sights on the isle kingdoms of Minoa. According to rumor, there are bounties to be had for rescuing the children which are sent as tribute to the cruel tyrant, King Minus.

Every year, King Minus of Crete sacrifices the royal descendants of neighboring kingdoms to his insatiable man-eating Minotaur beast. He does this not only out of a selfish desire to spare his own children, but also to preemptively depose any potential rivals to his throne. But this year the crafty King Argos of Delphi has kidnapped King Minus’s only daughter, Adrian, and threatens to sacrifice her to a sea demon known only as the Kraken.

Merchants throughout the Seven Seas spread word that King Minus will offer Adrian’s hand in marriage to anyone who can complete Four Labours, the first of which is to rescue Adrian from the Lair of the Kraken before she meets an untimely end (the other three labours to be determined at a later date). The thought of being eaten by a sea monster while attempting to rescue a damsel in distress strikes Joxer as a potentially fitting end to his immortal wanderings, so he reports to King Minus’s court to accept the challenge (and to stock up on beer).

He soon learns that the Kraken’s lair is hidden somewhere in a maze of tunnels and spillways running beneath the sewers of Delphi. King Minus even supplies Joxer with a new boat and a fresh crew to complete the long trek to Delphi. Can Son of Joxer sober up in time to find the secret altar? And why is the sacrificial altar dedicated to a relatively obscure demigod named “Daggit” instead of the sea god, Poseidon? More importantly, will Adrian be able to scream loudly enough for Joxer to hear her before she’s out of breath or loses her voice? Find out the answer to these and other scintillating questions in:

Son of Joxer and the Lair of the Kraken
- published by Trojan Pulp Fiction Press.
© 2007 Joel A. Hoekstra

There are 2 Trojans in this picture standing guard at the top of the stairwell,
but right now they're too busy plugging their ears to notice anyone who
might attempt to sneak by and rescue the fair damsel.